Thursday, July 23, 2015


God Bless You Dear Readers,

I observe that my intention, to get you to open up, and ask for advice
on health issues, is being misconstrued.

I want you all to feel free to talk to me, so I can advise you on what
Products to use to treat ailments, and if you want me to supply such
Products, you send me the Cash and I supply the Products. I believe
this is fair enough.

Know that I will always attend to you because that is why I am here.
Text or Call me on +2348034863154 or send a mail to, and I will attend to you.

Do not despair. Know that God has solution to every ailment. The
Tianshi Supplements are addressing all ailments in the body, some
slowly, some faster, but surely. Slowly in some cases, because of
the way some people have so abused their bodies, and also because of
the nature of some ailments. Hence we have Products to reactivate
dying cells in the body, and properly nourish the body. So no cause
for alarm.

Remain Blessed.

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