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I shall talk briefly on "Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer."


Enlarged Prostate is an ailment that affects MEN ONLY, just like FIBROID affects WOMEN ONLY.

The Tube which directs urine out of the body of a man, known as the "Urethra," is surrounded by the Prostate Gland which produces the fluid that directs the sperm when a man ejaculates.

Enlarged Prostate is a common ailment which affects men, and it is considered normal for men to have it as they grow old, precisely from age 35. However, please note that Enlarged Prostate is not cancer, and does not induce cancer. Also, please note that not all men have it.

In the case of Enlarged Prostate, the cells are normal Prostate Gland Cells, and are therefore not cancerous. However, it is possible for Enlarged Prostate patients, to also develop Prostate Cancer in the future. Although there is no indication that a patient with Enlarged Prostate will also develop Prostate Cancer.

If a man's hormones, as he advances in adulthood are not high, he will not experience Enlarged Prostate problem. Enlarged Prostate could be hereditary and could be caused by sexually transmitted infections, according to Experts.


1. As the Prostate slowly enlarges, it becomes difficult to urinate as urinating is painful. Besides, the patient begins to urinate very frequently throughout the day and night.

2. There is retention of urine in the bladder, and the need to constantly want to urinate.

3. As the ailment progresses, the partial retention of urine in the bladder can cause infection.

4. The patient starts having discharge from the penis. He has the feeling that the front of the rectum and behind the scrotum are full.

5. Where the ailment persists, it becomes impossible to urinate.

6. Furthermore, the patient starts to feel pains in the lower part of the back and in the thigh.

Although Enlarged Prostate does not lead to Prostate Cancer in all cases, if unattended, it can cause severe health issues such as kidney and bladder stones, damage to the kidney, in severe cases, and as a result, one has to undergo surgery. Therefore once it is confirmed that the Prostate is Enlarged, please take urgent steps to get help to reduce the Prostate.


There is a Protein Produced in the Prostate Gland by Cells called "Epithelial Cells.". This Protein helps the Semen to maintain a liquid state, and is referred to as Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). When the Prostate Specific Antigen goes into the bloodstream of a man, and the quantity in the bloodstream (which can be measured) is high, it shows that the man may either have a problem with the Prostate, or even has Prostate Cancer.

Also, when the Cells of the Prostate Gland are slightly altered in size and shape, a condition referred to as Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN) occurs. Again, the Cell Changes can be either low grade (a normal condition), or high grade (an abnormal condition). Therefore, a man with a PIN which is high grade, most likely, has Cancer Cells in his Prostate. He needs to be monitored and later undergo biopsy.

It is said that the above condition affects about 50 per cent of men who are 50 years old and above. Most men in their eightees had Prostate Cancer when they died, but this fact was unknown until they died and autopsy performed. Only a Microscope can highlight the Cancer Cells which are around the Prostate.


1. In the case of Prostate Cancer, the patient urinates frequently at night.

2. It is difficult to urinate, and to keep urinating, after he has started. Also urinating is painful.

3. There is blood in the patient's urine.

4. In some cases, there is difficulty in having erection.

In advanced cases of Prostate Cancer, the Symptoms are as follows -

1. The patient feels pains in the bone, around the ribs, the pelvis, or spine.

2. The patient feels weakness in the legs, that is an indication that the Cancer is advanced and has spread to the spine and compressed the spinal cord.

When the symptoms mentioned above appear, please take urgent steps to arrest the situation before it gets out of hand.

Suffice to know that men from age 35 and above should go for check up to confirm that they are free from the above ailments. Also, Enlarged Prostate or Prostate Cancer, if nipped in the bud in good time, will not constitute any problem as one advances in age.

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In view of the highlights above, please do all that is necessary to protect yourself from the above ailments.

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