Wednesday, March 23, 2016


God Bless You My Esteem Readers,

I wish to bring to your attention today an important topic. That is
the need for married couples who are experiencing difficulties in
having children, to exercise patience, eschew bitterness and
apportioning of blame and continue to BELIEVE and TRUST in GOD. That
way the battle is half won.

There are couples married for 6 to 15 years without children, now
blessed with children of their own. Those who are yet to have their
own should not despair. God has not abandoned them and will never
abandon them. They should continue to be prayerful, their love growing
stronger, and NEVER EVER DOUBTING that God will give them their own.

Remember the story of Hannah in the Bible, the wife of Elkanah,
mother of Samuel. We are told in the Book of Samuel, Chapter 1, vs 6,
that "the Lord had shut her womb". Hannah prayed fervently for a
child, made a vow to God to return the child to the House of God to
serve Him. The Lord thereafter blessed her with a child called Samuel,
whom at a very tender age, she handed over to Priest Eli to work for
the Lord.

All over the world there are testimonies of couples without children
after many years of marriage. Some shunned interferance from
relations, their love growing stronger, and with fervent prayers, and
vows to God of some sort, were blessed with children.

The point l am tying to convey here is that it is not in all cases
that couples have problem of infertility. But whatever their
situation, they should not condemn themselves by apportioning blame
and fighting, or allow anyone to brake up their marriage, but look to
God, and the Almighty must make a way for them.

Some may have children after praying to the Lord. Others may have
theirs by using Natural Health Products to gain their fertility. What
is important is that God gives them children of their own. Understand
that God gave some people intelligence to produce these Products and
they have solved so many health problems, including the problem of
infertility. So many now have children with the use of Tianshi and
Fohow Fertility Treatment, and many more will.

Here, I wish to digress a little. Let me seize this opportunity to
mention that some young ladies who had unwanted pregnancies and
delivered, threw their babies (alive, not dead) into the toilet,
probably even flushed the toilet to get rid of them and make the
problem go away, some took theirs to the bush, some make babies for
baby factories (it has become a business for some people), and are
paid. A young lady threw her unwanted baby from a storey building to
the ground, instantly killing her baby. Some ladies commit abortion
so many times until they destroy their womb. Even some married women
take contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant for their husbands. The
poor men believing that their wives, and probably themselves have a
problem of infertility, run from pillar to post, spending money,
looking for solution to a none-existent problem. Are these group of
women children of God or demons?

What an irony!
Some women are daily lamenting and praying to God for a child, while
others are killing their own children; gifts from God. Ladies in the
name of God STOP these attrocities. If only you knew the implications
of your actions. May God not allow any of you, after you get married,
experience what it means to be childless. But frankly, by your
actions, you are begging God not to bless you with a child. When
eventually you desperately need a child, you will blame your own
wickedness on a witch trying to deprive you of a child, and
unhappiness in your marriage.

Now ladies, do you realise that by constantly having these unprotected
sex you are exposing yourselves to HIV/AIDS, other venereal diseases,
and even death? Why throw your life away?

Parents, please take charge of your children, especially your girls.
God placed these children in your care to give them the right
upbringing in the ways of the Lord. Therefore, these children, both
girls and boys, need your constant counselling, prayers, and
protection to become responsible persons that you and the Society can
be proud of. Parents who send their children out to prostitute, make
money for them to enjoy themselves, will answer to God, because they
have led their children astray.

Parents, please do not fail in your duty. Pray with your children,
counsel them from time to time. Start when they are young, and that
way the Lord will help you raise them aright. That way you have less
of health issues to handle, because it is our life style that creates
problem of ill health. When you live a clean life, you have less of
health issues to handle, but when you live a filthy life; sleeping
with any man that comes your way, constantly aborting unwanted
pregnancies,smoking and drinking incessantly, etc., you expose
yourself to very serious health issues.

There is an adage "heaven helps those who help themselves." Please
Dear Readers, shy away from situations that can jeopardise your good
health, for health is wealth.

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Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.

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