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God Bless You Dear Readers.

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness.  When we keep our body clean, we maintain health in the body as well as self-esteem.  It is not about putting on the latest designer clothes and shoes.

Smell Clean
One starts having body odour when one attains the age of puberty (for girls 12, and boys 14 - the period of becoming capable of reproducing sexually), when sweat glands under  the vagina and genitals pour out sweat which smells. Therefore take your bath morning and evening daily. During the dry season When the weather is  hot, you can also bathe in the afternoon.

Use of Perfumes

Older children and adults can use deodorant or anti-perspirant under their armpits.  Some people have problems using perfumes as this could trigger a headache, asthma, hay fever, so it should be sprayed with care. However, please note that deodorant and perfumes are not a good substitute for a shower or wash.

Care of Clothes
Even if one has not reached the age of puberty, one needs to change one's clothes daily, as they become stained, dirty, and rumpled after use.  The underclothes which are right next to the skin collect dead skin cells, sweat, and other stains.  And overnight bacteria works on the stains, and so the clothes do not smell as nice the second day.

Cigarette smoke goes into clothes and hair,  so keep your distance from it. If one must smoke (which is not good for the health), do not smoke in the house or car.

A grown up child should take off the school uniform as soon as the child gets home, wash off the armpit area as a result of sweat, and hang it up to air, before wearing it the following day. But thereafter, it must be washed before use. For those who have more than 1 school uniform, they should change their uniform daily. Shool uniform for a kid must be changed daily as it would be dirty after each day's use. Change your underclothes daily, or every other day

Care of Shoes
Most times,  we stand on our feet, in our shoes, which contain a large collection of sweat glands. Sweat, which gets into the shoes attract bacteria, which loves moist leather or fabric.  

Children who have 1pair of shoes for school should take them off when they get home, to enable them get some air and dry out overnight.  Those who have 2 pairs of shoes for school should alternate them, to enable them remain dry from moist all the time. Also form the habit of washing, polishing, and brushing your shoes, to make them look better, last longer, and free from moist that would make them smell.

Where possible, use special innersoles in the shoes, which can be taken out and washed, making the shoes smell less, or use foot powder on your feet and inside your shoes to keep off odour.

Care of Feet
Ensure you wash your feet daily, and dry them carefully, especially between the toes.  Use a small towel to clean inbetween the toes if your towel is too thick to go inbetween your little toes, and reserve that small towell for cleaning inbetween the toes alone.

For those who go swimming, or  use public showers, ensure you wash your feet and dry them well. Where possible, wear thongs on your feet.  Some other people who go to such places to swim or shower, walk on bare feet, and so one can easily contact fungal infection or some other problem on the feet.

Care of Hair

The hair grows from the follicles, and these produce oil which keeps the hair smooth.  We have sweat glands in our scalp, and dead skin cells which come off the scalp. The oil, sweat, and dead cells, together make our hair greasy and dirty, unless we wash them regularly.

Always maintain clean hair by washing it regularly with soap or shampoo, massaging the scalp well to remove dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt, before rinsing it well with clean water. For those with long hair, the use of conditioner will make the hair easier to comb, and smoother. However, for longer hair, a wide toothed comb will more easily comb wet hair as it is easier to pull through.

Care of Teeth

Brush your teeth in the morning  before breakfast and in the evening after dinner.  And during the day, fill your mouth with water, swishing it around to get rid of anything  sticking to your teeth. Endeavour to change your tooth brush often, say once in 2 months.

Care of Fingernails and Toenails

Always keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean, to avoid picking up germs  or bacteria with them.  Ensure you use very clean fingernails to eat meals that require the use of your hands, to avoid transferring germs or bacteria from your nails into your food, and your body.

Please note that this topic is meant for both children and adults, as we all need to maintain perfect health in the body always.

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Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.

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