Sunday, January 17, 2016


God Bless You Dear Readers. We continue this topic from where we
stopped. 10. Always check food labels, ascertain date of production
and avoid buying expired food items. 11. Cook your food well before
eating. 12. Boil your drinking water, or use a filter to produce it.
13. Dispose of waste properly by burning. 14. Wash your hands with
soap and water after using the toilet. 15. Plaster or bandage injuries
to prevent infection, tetanus. 16. Prevent the spread of cough, do not
use the same drinking glass with others, cover your mouth when you
cough, and wash your hands with soap and water when you blew catah
from your nose. Please note that Tianshi and Fohow have very good
products for cold, etc. 17. Some cultures do not kiss or shake hands
to reduce bacteria transmission by contact. Please take Noni, Tianshi,
or Fohow Products regularly to protect you from ailments. Call or text
me on +2348034863154 or send a mail to for more
information. Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.

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