Monday, April 4, 2016


God Bless You Dear Readers.

Here are some health tips. Please read and also practise them for more benefits.

1. When you take sugary drinks daily and do not take water, this
will cause ailments, and you will develope a wrinkly skin. Take plenty
of water daily.

2. One Study revealed that, reducing time spent sitting down to less
than 3 hours a day, may increase your life expectancy by 2 years, and
reducing time spent watching TV, to less than 2 hours a day, may
increase it by 1.4 years. People who are sedentary have a shorter

3. In view of the fact that by the nature of most jobs, people sit
down for prolonged periods, try getting enough exercise daily. Take
frequent breaks every 1 hour or a little more, to stand up, hover
around a little, and go back to work.

4. Many Studies have proven that exercise has some anti-aging
effects, and infact exercise can stop aging in its tracks.

5. A mixture of fresh berries such as black berries, blue berries, or
straw berries, rich in antioxidants, daily taken, will prevent damage
to tissues, and reduce the risks to age-related ailments. Also berries
contain fiber, which will reduce your cholesterol level and could even
protect you from some cancers.

6. Gardening can help relieve physical and mental stress. So
cultivate vegetables, etc. You will be getting these fresh from the
garden for your family's use. Aside from the health benefits derived,
you do a little bit of saving.

7. Exercise daily with your family; a walk around your neighbourhood,
swimming, playing games, etc. It creates a bond for families, in
addition to the health benefits derived from taking exercise.

8. It is important that you take good care of your teeth and gums.
Otherwise this can spread bacteria to the bloodstream and lead to
inflammation and heart disease.

9. Remember to always wash canned foods and drinks before opening and
use. A couple drank canned drinks without first washing the
containers, contacted lasser fever, and died. Please always work with
the information you read and stay safe. Do not say, "I am too tired,
I can eat or drink from this can safely if I just clean it with my
hands." What is that? Do you want to end your life? Please there is no
room for laziness because lasser fever is real. Remember, life has
no duplicate.

10. Also, remember to take your Tianshi, Fohow, and Tahitian Noni
Supplements regularly for better health, and longer life.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed

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