Monday, October 26, 2015


God Bless You Dear Readers,

This is for the information of Pharmacists who own Shops and Doctors
who own Clinics.

Fohow International is registered with and by NAFDAC. They
manufacture and sell Natural Health Care Products, which have curative
effect, and address general wellness of the body, and boost the immune
system significantly.
Their Products contain natural ingredients as the Company refuse to
use chemicals to ensure the safety of their Products, for daily and
long-term use.

Please note that -

- Fohow International has Products that have Curative Effect on
Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Stoke, High Blood Sugar.

- Fohow has Products for Removing Fibroid Without Operation.

- Fohow has Products that Heal Stomach Ulcer, Sore Throat and Oral Swelling
With Almost Immediate Effect.

- Fohow Has Products Which Address Other Ailments in the body.

Register with Fohow International, Purchase Products at Distributors
Price, and Sell these Products to members of the public who need them.
You are a faster Outlet to Distributing the Products to the Public.

Therefore please call or text me on +2348034863154, or send a mail to, for more information.

Stay Healthy And Remain Blessed.

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