Saturday, January 24, 2015


God bless you dear Readers.

Please note my phone no.and email address for those who may wish to contact me. My phone no. is 08034863154, and my email address is now we go straight to introducing another Product, one that will interest our female Readers. It is called "Ever Youth" and it has to be used continuosly for desired results.

The functions of Tianshi Ever Youth are -

1. Slows aging.

2. Revives and rejuvenates the whole body system.

3. Improves stamina and energy.

4. Stimulates new cell growth and healing damaged skin and hair.

5. Acts as Tonic for enhancing vitality.

6. Cures painful menstruation.

7. Builds up resistance to psychological and physical stress.

8. Enhances antibody producing cells.

9. Lowers elevated blood pressure.

10. Reduces the risk of some types of cancer.

11. Eliminates high levels of blood lipid and cholesterol.

12. Strengthens remedy for the nervous system.

13. Improves blood circulation glands, including the sex glands.

14. Defends the immune system against the effects of prolonged physical strain.

15. Protects against oxidant induced diseases, acute damage from aging, radiation and chemical exposure and long-term toxic damage.

You can get this Product and others from any Tianshi Specialty Shop, or contact me. I am always at
your service.

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