Monday, January 19, 2015


Dear Readers, God bless you.

Why is it important to take Tianshi Natural Health Products? By taking Tianshi Products, firstly, you are greatly supplementing your feeding. Secondly, you are building your body's immunity against diseases. Thirdly, the Products improve your health and well being when used sufficiently and continuously, for a
considerable length of time as directed by the manufacturers. They rejuvenate old and worn out cells in the body, making you strong, healthy, and more beautiful. Finally, Tianshi Products correct health conditions
in the body, namely, cold, headache, fever, stomach ulcer, hypertension, hypotension (low blood pressure),
rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, stress, cancer (if treated early), fibroid (if treated early, or after operation to prevent a relapse), dislocation, fracture, appendicitis (if treated early), liver and kidney problems, infertility in
men and women, low sperm count, prostate problem (if treated early), infection, asthma, sickle cell, tuberculosis, rickets (bow legs), partial paralysis, stroke (if treated early), gout, eczema, alzhemiers, kidney
stones, stretch marks, osteoporosis, cataracts, body odour, mouth odour, skin burns, abscess, backache, waist pain, general body pains, anemia, HIV/AIDS, acne, obesit, pregnancy nausea, menstrual pains, pneumonia, baldness, etc.

We have products for our Every Day Health Needs, and Longevity/Life Sustaining Products. We shall talk about some very common ailments.

1. BACKACHE/WAIST AND GENERAL BODY PAINS Foot aches and pains in the body, use Tianshi
Antilipemic Tea, Calcium. Spirulina, and Zinc.

2. STOMACH ULCER Please do not leave your stomach without food for too long. This way you protect yourself from stomach ulcer, which can be very deadly, if poorly managed. The Tianshi Products for
stomach ulcer are, Antilipemic Tea (drink it warm in view of the sore in the stomach), Zinc, Chitosan, and Cordyceps.

3. STRESS People are experiencing stress in view of the poor economy. Our Tianshi Antilipemic Tea, Lecithin + Calcium, and Cordyceps will adequately take care of this condition.


As you advance in age, you experience inflammation or pains and swelling in the joints. Our Tianshi Antilipemic Tea, Calcium, Spirulina, and Cordyceps, can effectively treat these ailments.


This is a condition in which patient has a higher blood pressure than normal, from 160 - 280. This can cause
stroke or heart failure. Tianshi Antilipemic Tea, Chitosan, Calcium, and Beneficial Capsules can effectively manage hypertension. Where possible, have a BP Monitor for monitoring your blood pressure from time to time.


In this case, the blood pressure is below normal, below 90 systolic, and 50 diastolic. For those experiencing this condition, Tianshi Antilipemic Tea, Calcium, Zinc, Cordyceps, Vigour Rousing, and Beneficial Capsules, will manage it. For those who can not immediately afford the Products, please take blood medicines, drink
plenty of water daily to prop up your blood level, take plenty of beans, fish, foods rich in protein, plenty of
fruits and vegetables, and exercise daily.


Tianshi Antilipemic Tea,Calcium, and Spirulina can effectively treat dislocation.


This ailment is caused by lack of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphate in the body. TheTianshi Products for
treatment of Rickets are Calcium and Beneficial Capsules to be used until the legs straighten out normally. AND REST ASSURED THAT THE LEGS MUST STRAIGHTEN OUT.


At old age, people experience severe arthritis, and various types of discomfort, and in some cases they are always in and out of hospital. Our Tianshi Products can make the old live a more healthy, comfortable,
and happy life, and even prolong their lives. We have very effective cure for Sickle Cell, Cancer (if treated early), Fibroid (if treated early, or after operation - to prevent a relapse), Prostate (if treated early), HIV/AIDS(if treated early), Stroke (if treated early) Partial Paralysis, etc. So therefore, do not procrastinate, use Tianshi Products, and live a more healthy, and happy life.

When you are healthy and happy you prolong your life. The choice is yours.

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