Tuesday, March 3, 2015


God bless you dear

Reader. Please forgive the delay in communication. It was not deliberate.

Today, we are introducing a Product called Tianshi Iron Supplements. This product is one of Tianshi's Body
Balancers. It has a high concentration of Ferrous Lactate, essential for red blood cell formation, and this ensures continuous flow and production of blood.

It is on record that 20 - 80 percent of pregnant women in the developing Countries are anaemic. This product therefore will be of immense benefit to such women, and also to men and children who are anaemic.

The product can be easily absorbed and does not cause irritation to the gastro-intestinal tracts.

The functions of Tianshi Iron Supplements are as follows -

1. Prevents dizziness

2. Prevents epilepsy

3. Prevents Leukemia

4. Prevents low immunity

5. Prevents Osteoporosis (with calcium)

6. Prevents nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy

7. Needed for the formation of blood cells

8. Prevents lack of colour in the face, nails and eyelids

9. Prevents diarrhea and ulcers

10. Prevents kidney stones

11. Prevents blood infection and improves circulation of blood

12. Prevents the various nail diseases

13. Prevents female sterility/impotency

Dear Readers, get this bproduct from any Tianshi Specialty Shop or call me on +2348034863154. My

email address is

Thank you and God bless you.


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