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God bless you dear friends

and Compliment of the


We shall dwell on Morning

Sickness and Remedies, for

the benefit of our ladies who

are in their early pregnancy,

especially those who are

Experiencing it for the first


Morning Sickness occurs in

the early periods of

Pregnancy when women

experience nausea, and

sometimes with vomiting.

Although the nausea may be

mostly noticeable in the

mornings, it lasts throughout

the day for many women.

Women who do not

experience nausea may

develop aversions to

certain foods.

Morning Sickness generally

improves by the 13th or 14th

week of Pregnancy,

although some women

continue to experience

nausea for a longer period.

Some go in and out of

hospital until they deliver.

Women who are

experiencing it for the first

time should not be scared

because it is a natural

process, as the body is

merely trying to adjust.


Pregnant Women should

start, from the

First Month of their

Pregnancy, attending

Antenatal Clinic, in a good

Government Hospital, or

a good Private Hospital.

Please avoid quacks

because you want to save

some Nairas, because you

need to safeguard your

life and baby's.


Firstly, women experiencing

Morning Sickness should

know that they would

experience it for sometime.

Secondly, they must

eat something, anything, to

give them strenght, and as

much as possible nutrient.

Therefore -

1. They may wish to take

Tianshi Calcium, Cordyceps,

and Spirulina. These

products would assist them

greatly during this trying

period. Please see earlier

Posts to know more about

the functions of the Products


2. They would get all the

Medication they require

from the Hospital or Clinic

where they registered.

Usually they give Folic Acid,

Vitamin Capsules, etc.

3. They should take Lime,

Lemon, Ginger Ale, Ginger

Tea. If Ginger helps, avoid

too much of it as too much

Consumption of Ginger

causes heartburn, diarrhea,

stomach discomfort, etc.

4. They can take

Peppermint. The aroma of

Peppermint can help a

queasy stomach.

5. They should avoid fatty

or fried foods, especially

foods that would worsen

their nausea.

6. Make properly spiced

peppersoup. For those

who do not have stomach

ulcer, put enough pepper.

This is very good for those

who find it difficult to eat

anything and keep it down.

7. Eat a Protein-Rich Snack

before going to bed. It would

help their blood sugar stay

more level.

8. They MUST not take a

Nap after a meal as this

would worsen nausea.

9. Eat plenty of fruits and

vegetables (the vegetables

slightly boiled with some


10. Keep Crackers, Bread

or Toast, Cereal, or Other

Foods Handy. Try eating a

few Crackers before getting

out of bed in the morning.

11. Eat small frequent meals

throughout the day to help

stabilize blood sugar.

12. Avoid hunger as it can

cause vomiting.

13. Avoid foods or smell that

would worsen their nausea.

14. Avoid being in warm

places which can worsen

their nausea.

15. Go out for plenty of

Fresh Air from time to time.

16. They should make sure

they drink enough FLUIDS

constantly, especially if they

were vomiting. Try drinking

in-between meals rather

than with meals, which some

women find helpful. Taking

plenty of fluid prevents


17. Have sips of ice water

as the urge to purge strikes.

This will help to keep meals


18. They should Consult

their Doctor if they can not

keep anything down. This is

very important.

Cheer up Mothers-To-Be,

for on the long run, you will

hold your precious BABY in

your arms.

God has blessed you with

a child. There are many

Women out there who would

do anything to be in your

shoes. So be thankful

to God for your pregnancy.

For those who are yearning

to have babies, I have Good

News for you.

Our Tianshi Products have

made many women,

Including some of our

Tianshi Distributors,

Mothers. You can also

become a Mother today.

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