Monday, December 15, 2014


Some say OBESITY is a

sign of good living, others

see it as a blessing from

God. Please note that

OBESITY is dangerous and

not good for anyone.

Therefore it is in the interest

of those who are obese to

shed that fat and live a more

healthy life.

Obesity means having

excess body fat that puts

one at risk of various

ailments e.g. diabetes,

stroke, pulmonary disease,

reproductive disorders,

osteoarthritis, and cancer,

among others. In fact it is

said that obesity can affect

functioning of all major body

organ systems.

Obesity affects both children

and adults.


Eat a healthy diet, eat

moderately cabohydrate

meals such as indomie, rice,

eba, santana, etc. Avoid

fatty meat, in fact avoid pork

meat; eat less meat and

more fish. Avoid eating too

many eggs or taking plenty

of milk and beverage. Avoid

as much as possible

snacking and drinking of

minerals and beer. Above all

eat sparingly; do not eat a

meal ment for 2 or 3


You can take plenty of fruits

and vegetables.

Occasionally avoid eating

heavy meals, and eat a meal

of fruits which will equally

nourish your body.



Treatments for obesity

abound. The Tiens Fat Spot

Expert and the Tiens

Shaping Queen can help

you control your weight. We

also have products that can

effectively help you control

your weight and also take

care of your general


Aside from the above-

mentioned, be physically

active. Avoid staying indoors

all day, eating round the

clock, and sleeping all the

time. This life style can make

one gain weight

tremendously. Go out and

walk long distances, and

occasionally avoid boarding

vehicles. Ride a

bicycle, play out-door

games (avoid things that will

keep you in-doors all the

time), do anything that will

help you shed some weight.

Having shed some weight,

you should continue to live a

healthy life style and prevent

a relapse. With

determination you can do it.

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