Sunday, February 23, 2014


MR CREAM is a YOGHURT DRINK for Children and Adults. It contains PROTEIN, VITAMINS, MINERALS, AND CALCIUM. It is unique because DIABETIC PATIENTS can also drink it.

Mr Cream Tastes Good and you want to drink it Again, Again, and Again.

Diabetics, Sicklers, and other sick persons, can drink Mr Cream and get very good nourishment from it.

1. Mr Cream is a quick and easy nutritious snack. It provides nutrients such as Calcium (which is vital to the development and maintenance of healthy bones, and so prevents osteoporosis); Protein, Vitamins; and Minerals; and therefore is a good nourishment for everyone, including Pregnant Women.

2. According to a Study, diets with increased Calcium, like Mr Cream, decreases blood pressure.

3. Also a Study showed that women who eat Yoghurt everyday and experience an increase in their 'good' cholesterol level decrease the risk of developing heart disease.

4. Another Study showed that drinking of yoghurt led to lower hunger and higher fullness ratings as compared with fruit drink and dairy fruit drink.

Therefore Mr Cream and other yoghurt drinks have been proven to be healthy low-fat snack that satisfies hunger cravings. Make Mr Cream is part of a nutritious snack that can be taken with cereal or fruit or be used in your cooking.

5. When you drink Mr Cream before going to bed at night, you sleep soundly.

6. Ladies can use Mr Cream to MASK their face and bodies for 15 minutes before bathing, as a Moisturizer.

You may wish to buy for your family's use, or for sale. For more information, please call us on 08034863154, or send a mail to You will be glad you did.

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