Thursday, September 15, 2016


God Bless You Dear Readers.

This is a Supplement most of you will love, especially those who want to shed weight but have a sweet tooth and cannot drink their tea without sugar.

For those who wish to use our Tiens Antilipemic Tea and Slimming Tea for shedding weight, you now have what you can add to your tea to sweeten it, as well as solve your weight problem. So now you have no excuse, so shed that weight for good. Overweight and Obesity are gradual killers. But please do not say, "let me just add a little milk as well." The answer is NO!!! Please no milk, unless you want to become thrice your present size. The idea is to get you to normal size, please, not worsen your situation.

Remember to drink daily, morning and evening, Antilipemic tea, in view of its many health benefits, and stay healthy always. Our supplements are to supplement your feeding and help you maintain perfect health in the body always.

Functions and Benefits of FOS -

1. It Strengthens the immune system.

2. It Improves Calcium and Magnesium Absorption.

3. It Lowers Cholesterol and Promotes Healthy Skin.

Recommended Usage -

Can be used as a healthy sweetener to your Antilipemic Tea, Slimming Tea and any beverage you wish to take. You can also added it to cereals, fresh fruit, yogurt or fruit juice.

Take One or Two Satchets a Day (10 ml each) for Adults.

For those interested in Tiens FOS Syrup, and any other Supplement/Product, please feel free to text or call me on +2348034863154 or +2348097890448 or send an email to, and I will attend to you.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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