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God Bless You Dear Readers.

I want to explain to you how you can benefit more from Tiens (Tianshi) Supplements. Let's start with the Antilipemic Tea. Follow this link and know more about the Tea.

The Tiens (Tianshi) Antilipemic Tea is well known for detoxification, etc.

Apart from all the functions of the Antilipemic Tea highlighted in the link above, I wish to add some more -

Put 2 bags of tea in a big flask, or any other container, pour very hot water inside the flask or container. Leave the tea to brew for about 20 minutes. Please use 1 litre of water to1 bag of tea.

1. For Detoxification and Eyes -
First thing in the morning, after brushing your teeth, and 20 minutes before breakfast, drink a cup of hot tea (no sugar, no milk for more effectiveness). Thereafter, you will move your bowels with ease, and flush out toxins and waste from your body. At night, about 20 minutes after dinner, drink a cup of tea (no sugar and no milk). Leave a little quantity in the cup, each time you drink tea, allow it to cool down properly, and when it is TOTALLY COLD, drop it in both eyes. When you use it continuously for a reasonable period, it protects your eyes. We have many testimonies to the effect that, some people who were using glasses, stopped using glasses as a result of this treatment with Antilipemic tea. I use it daily.

2. Food Poison - As mentioned, Catechin found in Antilipemic Tea kills bacteria which causes food poisoning, and also kills the toxins produced by those bacteria. So then, when you have diarrhoe, that is frequent stooling, or even cholera, that is, frequent stooling and vomiting, take 2 bags of tea, tear the bags open, pour the herbs i.e. the contents of the tea bags, into your mouth. Chew properly and wash it down with a cup of warm water. That stooling and vomiting will STOP immediately. If you cannot chew the herbs, drop the 2 tea bags in a small cup of hot water (the idea is to have it concentrated), leave for 20 minutes, and drink the tea. You will achieve the same result.

3. Malaria/Thyphoid -
When you have malaria, chew 2 satchets of tea, in the morning and another 2 satchets in the evening, using warm water to wash it down on each occasion. If it is malaria and thyphoid, chew 4 satchets each, morning and evening. The treament should go on for 3 days. This treatment is very effective.

However, if you have chitosan, cordyceps, and calcium, you can use them together with the tea to treat malaria and typhoid, in which case you use 1 or 2 bags of tea daily.

USAGE: Pour for yourself a cup of tea, put a teaspoon of calcium, add into the tea and calcium, 2 capsules each of chitosan and cordyceps, stair properly until the capsules dissolve, and drink. Take this mixture morning and evening for 3 days, and you will feel on top of the world. At the slightest sign of malaria and typhoid, take this treatment. A trial will convince you. If you can afford it, add spirulina to the mixture, especially for the aged.

4. Treatment of Sores -

When you have an injury, wash or clean it up properly with wet cotton wool. Blend a bag of tea, and put it on the sore. Do this morning, evening for 3 days, depending however on the seriousness of the injury, and the tea will heal, as well as dry the sore. You can also make a mixture of Antilipemic Tea and Zinc. Zinc is also very good for external and internal injury, just like the Antilipemic Tea. Use this treatment for minor injuries only. Combine the tea with chitosan, spirulina, and zinc, if the sore is chronic and incurable. Take 2 capsules each of chitosan, spirulina, and zinc, morning and evening, dissolve them in a cup of hot tea, and drink. Then mix zinc with pure honey and apply to the sore morning and evening. Take the treatment for 2 weeks.

As you continue to enjoy the benefits of the Antilipemic Tea, you will discover some other functions which you can share with your friends.

NOTE: Polyphenols and Polysaccharides in Antilipemic Tea lower your blood sugar level. Please always check your blood sugar level. It must not exceed 100, and must not be less than 70. Even at 70, boost it with soft drink, or comply with doctor's order. Also check your blood pressure level regularly.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed. Love You All.

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