Sunday, June 21, 2015


God Bless You Dear Readers. 

We shall henceforth take Health Tips from time to time. This will prove very useful to you all. 

1. Sleeping Pills may help you sleep soundly. However, according to Experts, they increase highly your  chances of developing Lung Cancer. Rather than use Sleeping Pills, use the Tiens Aura-Energy Stone, the Tianshi Oral Date, or any other Tianshi Product that can help you sleep. 

2. When you sit behind a desk for hours, your chances of developing heart disease is high. The Aura-Energy  Stone will not only give you energy to do your job, but will also protect you from heart disease, etc. 

3. To loose weight, you have to eat less and exercise more. Tianshi has very good Products for effectively loosing weight. 

4. Get more sleep if you need to boost energy. The Tiens Aura-Energy Stone is an energy booster. 

5. If you wish to prevent dehydration, drink more water. 

6. If you wish to lower your Cholesterol Level naturally, eat Oats, Avocado (not in excess), Olive Oil (this also reduces belly fat), Beans (very good as the huge amount of fibre lowers Cholesterol). Tianshi has very good Products to reduce Cholesterol. 

7. Take care of your skin by protecting yourself from the hot rays of the Sun. Constantly exposing yourself  to the Sun can cause wrinkles, and other Skin Problems, in addition to increasing the risk of Skin Cancer. 

8. Stop Smoking as it causes Wrinkles and Cancer. The Tiens Aura- Energy Stone will assist immensely those who wish to stop smoking. 

9. Exercise daily, walking, jogging, biking, swimming, etc. Ensure you walk daily; round your sitting room, 
house, short distances from your home, park your car some distance from your destination and walk the rest  of the way. Exercise helps you relax and reduce stress. 

10. Please check your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar regularly. People slump and die daily because they  are neglecting their health.

Recently, a man died and his family thought they lost him forever. Luckily,  his Doctor discovered he had no sugar. He asked his family to buy a bottle of Coke for him. They forced the drink down the man's throat, he drank it and that revived the man. So my 

Dear Readers, know that you have a duty to care for your health. No one can do it for you. So take care of  your health and live longer. 

11. Acts of Love and Generosity to others from time to time is a good way to fight Stress. A natural Law of Life is "The more you give to others the more you get."

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