Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Body

There are a lot of ways we can maintain a healthy body without always
having to run to the doctor. Below are some of them.

1. Respect yourself and your body, DO NOT engage in unhealthy
activities. E.g smoking, drinking, sleeping late, eathing unhealthy meals etc.

2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to reduce stress, lower your
body fat, improve your sleep, and boost your self confidence.

3. Eat healthy foods to help maintain your weight, prevent disease and
boost self confidence.

4. Also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

5. If you can afford it take Noni Juice or Tianshi Natural health Food
Supplements daily to supplement your feeding, boost your immune
system against disease, and thus help you maintain perfect health in the
body. It DOES NOT PAY to deny youself of these supplements if you can
afford them because on the long run, you may loose your life and end up
not enjoying your savings. Life is SHORT SO PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF

6. At this stage I tell you A TRUE STORY OF A MAN who worked so hard daily
and saved so much money. He barely fed himself because he wanted to
save as much as possible from his business. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN
NOT CHEAT NATURE. This man eventually became very sick. He was rushed
to the
hospital. Tests carried out showed that he was malnurished as he was not
feeding well. The doctor told him that his condition was very critical
because he was not feeding well and that he would not survive. The man
screamed and said, "oh my money." The man died leaving all the money
he had worked so hard for. PLEASE NOTE THAT HEALTH IS WEALTH. A SICK
OTHERS, so why labour in vain. Please take good care of your health.
of your family and know that if you die, they can never fill the void left
by you.

7. Avoid alcohol as much as possible as it is not good for your health.
The Tiens Aura-Energy Stone can help you abstain from excessive drinking.
8. Avoid smoking as it is not good for your health. The Tiens Aura-Energy
Stone can help you abstain.

9. As one advances in age, it becomes very necessary to visit a doctor for
regular check-up. Check ones blood pressure level, blood sugar level, etc.
This will help one quickly nip in the bud any ailment trying to rear its

10. Go on holidays from time to time, rest and have fun with your family.
You need rest.

11. Keep up your social activities, meet with friends.

12. Be mentally stimulated.

13. Sleep well at night at least for 8 hours and you will become more
active the following day. For those who find it difficult to sleep, the
Aura-Energy Stone will help you sleep soundly.

14. Be happy and avoid as much as possible sadness. Happiness in itself
will make you radiant, healthy, and prolong your life. Why worry so much
when God, the Almighty, is with you to solve your problems, if you will
only give Him recognition and the opportunity to help you.

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