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Peptic or Stomach ulcers are painful sores in the stomach lining or in the small intestine.

Causes -

Most ulcers are caused by infection by a bacteria known as helicobacter pylori.

Also a strong acid is usually produced by the stomach to help with digestion of food, and protection against microbes.  It also secrets a thick layer of mucus in order to protect the body's tissues from this acid.

However, should the mucus layer wear out and can no longer function effectively, the acid causes damage to the stomach tissue, resulting in an ulcer.

Risk Factors -

The following can increase your risk for stomach ulcers -

1.  When you drink alcohol excessively.

2.  When you chew or smoke tobacco.

3.  Treatment by radiation to the area.

4.  Serious illness.

5.  When you do not have your meals regularly.

6.  When you have excess acid production from cells of the stomach that increases acid output.

7.  Use of certain painkillers, namely, naproxen, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.

8.  Genetics.

9.  Persons from 50 years and above are more likely to develop stomach ulcer.  It is not so common amongst children.

Symptoms -

1.  Nausea or vomiting.

2.  A burning pain in the middle or upper stomach, either between meals, or at night.

3.  Heartburn.

4.  Bloating.

Symptoms in Severe Cases -

1.  Bleeding.

2.  A hole through the stomach wall known as "perforation."

3.  Weight Loss.

Cure -

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