Monday, January 2, 2017


God Bless You Dear Readers.

I am revisiting this topic because so many people are experiencing Arthritis, or Rheumatism, if you like.  Some are unable to go out to work and fend for their family, because they are unable to walk about without experiencing excruciating pains. And when you are in such pains, it is just not possible to get anything done, because of the agony, the discomfort, you experience.

I know a couple who used to work together in their shop. The woman has a severe case of Arthritis. She has since stopped working with her husband in their shop because she can not move out of the house, according to her husband. There is another case of a woman who also has a shop. When she is walking, she is visibly struggling to move her body, because of the pains she is experiencing. The two persons mentioned could not take Supplements because they claimed not to have funds to purchase Supplements.

Some other persons who invited me for treatment, received treatment, and were relieved. One of them who had it very rough before treatment, was so happy when he started experiencing relief. He told me boastfully, "I can walk very long distances now, and I can even fight boko haram." I am happy for him, because that problem is now in the past.

In order to make the pains and discomfort go away, you need to take Supplements, Tianshi, Fohow, or Tahitian Noni. You take them for sometime, stay off them for sometime, especially if you can not afford to take them daily. When you do this, you will go about your business happily, as you will no longer experience pains or discomfort in getting up and moving around. And as you treat Arthritis, you treat so many other ailments in the body, because the Supplements carry out so many functions in the body.

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If you wish to purchase Supplements, always feel free to text or call me on +2348034863154 or +2348097890448, or send an email to, and I will promptly attend to you.

This is a New Year, please take very good care of yourselves and live longer.

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.  Love You All.

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