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The word, "Pineapple," originates from the Spanish word, "Pina."  Spiny on the outside and sweet inside, Pineapple is a member of the "Bromeliaceae Family. "  Its fruit is made of many individual berries, fused together, around a central core.

Pineapple contains high amounts of Thiamine B6, Vitamin C, Manganese, Potassium, Copper, Calcium, Beta Carotene, Folate, Bromelain, and Fibre.  A cup of Pineapple chunk contains 82 calories. It is cholesterol-free, and also low in sodium. Pineapple contains sugar, with 16 grams per cup.

The following are benefits of pineapple -

1.  Immune System - It helps to build the immune system, giving you stronger health.

2.  Protection from Arthritis - Its Vitamin C content is high and so it is a very helpful  fighter against arthritis.

3. Bone Strength - Its Manganese content is also high, essential in strong bones development.

4. Eye Health - It helps reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a disease which affects the eyes as people age.

5.  Digestion - It contains dietary fibre that keeps the intestines healthy, and also bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein, and helps digestion.

6.  Cancer Prevention - It prevents all types of cancer.

7. Protects from Colds - It improves respiratory health, cures colds and cough.

8.  Cures Sure Throat - It cures gout, swellings and sore throat.

9.  Weight Loss - It helps with weight loss.

10. Oral Health - It improves oral health.

11. Protection from Infections - It helps to fight off infections and parasites, and treats intestinal worms.

12. Heals Wounds - It heals wounds and injuries to the body quickly.

13. Prevents Hypertension - It helps to effectively manage hypertension, and prevents conditions like heart attacks, stroke, atherosclerosis.

14. Prevents Alzheimer's - It prevents Alzheimer's disease.

15. Fertility - It boosts fertility in both men and women.

16.  Reduces Inflammation - It is very good for fibroid, and prostate patients.

17.  For Acne - It is an effective treatment for acne. It makes the skin hydrated and radiant, looking younger.
Methods -
(a) Rub fresh pineapple juice on your face, leave it for about 10 minutes, and wash it off with cold water.
(b) Mix 3 tablespoons of freshly crushed pineapples with a little milk, and an egg yolk. Apply on your skin, leave it for about 15 minutes, wash it off with tepid water for instant moisturized skin. Apply the above treatments as well as eat pineapples daily.

18. For Nails - It helps soften as well as strengthen the nails.
Method - You can prepare a nail softening solution with pineapple juice as follows:
(a)  Use an egg yolk, a tablespoonfull of lemon juice, 2 drops of lemon oil.
(b)  With a spoon or brush, mix all the ingredients mentioned above.
(c)  With a thin brush or cotton ball, apply the mixture to your nails and cuticles.
(d)  Rinse after leaving it for 15 minutes.
Use this treatment daily before sleeping, and you will be amazed at the shine on your nails the following morning.
Caution - Those who are allergic to lemon juice, should not use this treatment.

19. Pineapple helps eliminate cracks on the feet.

20. When used along with coconut oil, it cures naturally chapped lips.

21. It prevents hair loss, and also makes the hair fuller.

22. It helps take care of inflammatory scalp conditions.

23. It relieves nausea or morning sickness.

Although pineapple is sweet and delicious, and has so many health benefits, too much of it can cause health hazards as follows -

1.  The bromelain in pineapple is an enzyme that helps in the digestion of tough foods. And so this can result in tenderness of the mouth, tongue, lips, cheeks, when you eat pineapple excessively, but within a few hours, this will resolve itself.

2.  You may experience difficulty in breathing as a result of pineapple allergy.   Also the extremely high amount of bromelain, and Vitamin C,  may induce abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, skin rashes, headaches, excessive bleeding. Since it can cause excessive bleeding, or menstruation, it can lead to miscarriage, probably however, in rare cases. Therefore, pregnant women should abstain from eating  pineapple excessively. Also,  please drink the Antilipemic Tea for relief when you experience problems mentioned above. However pregnant women should not drink the Antilipemic Tea. Rather they should seek medical attention without delay.

3.  Also bromelain can interact with some medications such as antibiotics, anticonvulsants, anticoagulants, barbiturates, blood thinners, benzodiazepines, insomnia drugs, and tricyclic antidepressants, and so users of the above medications should eat pineapple moderately.

4.  Please abstain from eating unripe pineapple, and from drinking unripe pineapple juice, as it is toxic to humans, and can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. Also when you eat plenty of pineapple cores, this can cause fiber balls to form in the digestive tract.

So, please eat pineapples moderately, and enjoy its many health benefits. At the same time, please pay attention to warnings mentioned above.

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