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Remedy For Fibroid

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We shall talk about Fibroid, the Foods to eat, and Foods not to eat, in order to arrest the growth of fibroid(s)., and how patients can remove it/them without Surgery.

Uterine Fibroids which are benign tumors, grow inside, outside, or within the wall of the womb or uterus. These growths which are composed of muscle and fibrous tissues are called uterine myomas. Fibroid is caused by the over production of the estrogen hormone.


The following are recommended foods to be taken by fibroid patients to try to control as much as possible, the growth of the fibroid.

1. Vegetables such as cabbage, fruits. These will help the liver detox and remove excess estrogen from the body. 2. Raw Tomatoes or slightly cooked tomatoes. 3. Fish. 4. Avoid red meat. You may eat kpomo, shaki. 5. Foods which can detoxify the blood are garlic, carrots. Also drink plenty of water to help with detoxification. 6. Avoid overcooking vegetables. 7. Eat foods which contain natural carotenes such as carrots, pumpkin and spinach, sweet potatoe, apricots. 8. Eat foods rich in Vitamin E in your diet such as almonds, codliver oil. 9. Eat plenty of pineapple which is anti-inflammatory.


1. Avoid foods which increase estrogen levels or recycle estrogen into a more aggressive form. These include alcohol, animal fats such as red meat, cheese, cream, butter, ice cream, and chocolate. 2. Replace full fat milk with low fat milk. 3. Avoid artificial sweeteners. 4. Avoid soya and soya products as they may have estrogen boosting effects, according to a few Studies. 5. Avoid eating take-aways put in plastics as plastic can leech or flow into the food, especially as this has an effect on estrogen level. 6. Other foods to avoid are white flour and foods prepared from it like bread, pies, cakes, etc., okro, fried foods, sugar. Reduce your carbohydrate intake, caffein, kolanut, energy drink, alcohol, cold drink, and cold water.


First I wish to remind you about the three Principles for Developing of Fohow Products, and I quote -

1. "The efficacy must be obvious. We don't make Products without obvious efficacy."

2. "All ingredients contained in the Products shall be natural. We refuse to use any chemicals to ensure the safety of Products for daily and long-term use.

3. The formula must be unique and the production process must be advanced with our independent patents or intellectual property rights so as to ensure the core competitiveness of our Products in the Market."

From the above Principles, Fohow International's Products are safe and very effective, including the Products for fibroid. Consequently, surgery can be avoided.

The first thing we do before we commense treatment, is to call for the Report of the Scan taken by the patient, and it should state the length and thickness of the fibroid. This will determine the Products that would be administered for treatment.

The Products administered would soften the fibroid, dissolve it, prevent its further growth, prevent excess bleeding, nourish the womb, and with the Guifeibao, which is usually inserted in the vagina, extract it through the vagina, first in form of whitish substance, and later in form of very thick menstruation.

This way you remove your fibroid stress-free, your life secured, the fibroid never to grow again, and you can conceive and have babies, because the womb has been rejuvenated, in addition to clearing waste, and solving other health problems in the vagina and womb, in addition to giving the patient a glowing complexion.

After treatment, the patient must go for another scan, to confirm that the fibroid has been completely evacuated.

At this stage, I wish to advise fibroid patients to adhere strictly to the dos and donts of feeding, If you eat what you have been asked not to eat, you nourish the fibroid and it continues to grow unabated. If you eat what you have been asked to eat, you prevent its rapid growth and spread.

If you have commenced the use of Fohow International's Products, when the fibroid is completely evacuated, you can resume eating foods that appeal to you. It is all in your best intetest.

For those who are yet to remove their fibroid, please do not delay. The smaller the fibroid, the quicker it is to remove, the bigger, the longer it takes to remove, and that means you spend more money to remove it. Some patients purchase the products gradually until they have it all, and then commence treatment. Some start with what they have, and purchase more as treatment progresses. This is because once treatment commences, you cannot break it, until the fibroid is completely flushed out of the body.

I met a young lady who has fibroid about a year ago. The fibroid was small and her tommy flat. I advised her at the time to remove the fibroid because of the ease in doing so at the early stage. Each time I talked to her she would smile and tell me she had no money. Presently, her tommy is big, just like a pregnant woman's, because the fibroid has grown big. She is uncomfortable with this development because she is unmarried.

Patients who are afraid of removing their fibroid through surgery, you now have a VERY SAFE MEANS of removing your fibroid, with Fohow International's Products. So please do not waste anymore time.

Let me seize this opportunity to remind patients who have hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, partial paralysis, that Fohow International has CURE for these ailments, and more. A trial will convince you.

For more information, please text or call me, Mrs. E. O. Oforofuo, on +2348034863154 or send a mail to lynmail

Stay Healthy Always And Remain Blessed.

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